There is no trade agreement between thereminostore.com and theremino.com

Thereminostore.com does not pay any rate to theremino.com.

Thereminostore.com realizes the projects published on theremino.com, on its own initiative.

Thereminostore (conscious of the amount of research, completely free, which allowed all this)

thus we are committed to:

Respect the principles of the system Theremino and produce the hardware components at affordable prices,to facilitate Makers, Researchers and Students.

Lever on the fact of not having to spend on research and customer service,and then do everything possible to minimize the prices for the end user.

Of course, initially the offer will include just a handful of items, but the intention of thereminostore is to facilitate researchers and students, with complete modules, KIT components, printed circuit boards, adapters, geophones, cables, small mechanical, etc …

So you can find everything you need from a single source and a single shipment.