Adapter Stepper Driver V1


This module allows you to mount up to five drivers for stepper motors and has two exits with MOSFETs to drive motors, relay or hot wire to the polystyrene and adjust them in PWM.

You can install various types of drivers (Drv8825, DRV8824, A4988 and other similar). Drivers are easily replaceable so if something breaks you should not replace the entire plate but only one driver. Among other things the drivers only cost a few euros so you can always keep a spare and not risk never to stay with the machine at a standstill.

The special feature that distinguishes this tab from the usual tabs (type Ramps or CncShield) is to be totally photo-coupled. You can then maintain a complete galvanic isolation between the control logic and power electronics of the machine. This avoids ground loops and all the risks associated with them.



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The version 1 use the photo-coupler TLP2105. These photo-couplers are hard to come by and cost enough, but they are “no reversing” and then the circuit is simpler.

Theremino Optocoupled Stepper Driver Schematics

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