Driver DRV8825



This assembled PCB carry the Texas Instruments chip DRV8825.

– Step, direction and Enable control interface

– Available six step resolutions: fullstep, halfstep, 1/4 step, 1/8 step, 1/16 step and 1/32 step.

– Adjustable current control lets to set maximum current output with a micro potentiometer, which lets you to use voltages above your stepper motors voltage to achieve higher step rates

– Automated chopping control that automatically selects the right current decay mode as slow decay or fast decay.

– Up to maximum of 45 Volt supply

– Built in regulator voltage regulator

– Compatible interface with 3.3 Volt and 5 Volt

– Over temperature thermal shutdown with over current shutdown with under voltage lockout.

– Short circuit to ground and shorted load protection.

– PCB: 4 layer with improved heat dissipation.

– Solderable ground pad below the Texas Instrument IC on the bottom of the PCB

– Module in standard size.

For each PCBA shipped, there are bundled one heatsink.



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