Geology Pack MasterV5 (1pcs)+ ADC24 (1pcs)


ADC to 24 bits and 16 channels

This module opens the door to a thousand possible applications. With the cost of two pizzas and two beers, you enter the world of high-precision measurements.

By simply connecting a few threads, you create applications that would otherwise require unstable pre-amplifiers, difficult to construct and adjust. Good examples are reading load cells And the direct amplification of Geophones and accelerometers.

You can measure voltages and currents, with accuracy greater than that of a good tester and a thousand times more resolution. You can connect the photodiodes for weak lighting, How to slit spectrum analyzers, But even thermocouples, pH meters, etc…

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 Project MasterDIL-V4 


Master at release V5, is sold fully assembled with loaded the latest firmware and shipped into the anti-static bag.

The Theremino Master carry (with a socket) the PIC 24FJ64GB002.

On this version all the input / output pins are male.

The clock is generated by a quartz at 8 Mhz and multiplied internally by the PLL inside the PIC to satisfy the requirement for the full speed of USB 2 standards ( full speed at 480 Mbit/s, for more detail go here: ).

The USB interface is HID and is recognized automatically by the most diffused operating system.

Theremino Master V4 has been tested on:




Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10  all versions.

Other operating system:

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