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Theremino is an Open Source system, to connect computers with the real world. Applications range from music, to teaching, to scientific research. Unlike similar systems (for example Arduino), the system works immediately, and does not require any firmware programming.

The Theremino system is also applicable to systems “embedded”, that require fast reactions (for example the drones). The FlatPC for applications “embedded” are smaller, cheaper and lighter is Arduino that Raspberry, as explained on this page.

The communications architecture is innovative. Different from any other similar system. The basic principles are explained on the page the-theremino-mission
The user itself, even without knowing programming, can configure the modules, to measure, physical quantities of all kinds: temperatures, radiations, magnetic fields, hearthquakes, pollutants… and to drive the servos, motors, led lamps, ovens, solenoid valves, relè, robots, CNC machines, 3D printers, laser cutting and engraving, etc…

Theremino is a configurable Input Output system, to connect computer with the real world. Application range from music to teaching to scientific research.


The Theremino System is not a card with a micro programmable controller (such as Arduino), yet it is an Input-Output device, like a Mouse or a keyboard.



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Your kind attention
: Some producers sells unapproved copies of the Theremino modules, see here. Updates and support are not provided for them. The only approved manufacturer is thereminostore, also on eBay as Maxtheremino.  

Attenzione: Alcuni produttori vendono copie non approvate dei moduli del sistema Theremino, vedere qui. Non verranno forniti aggiornamenti e assistenza per essi. Il solo produttore approvato è thereminostore, che è anche su eBay come Maxtheremino.